Dorm Dating Advice


Nina Topich, Public Relations

Finding a college roommate is harder than finding a boyfriend. For me, I’ve lived in a room by myself my whole life and it was terrifying trying to find someone to share a room with in college. I don’t know how to share my space and am a lowkey hot mess.   You have to “date” around with roommates to find someone who can deal with all of your messiness, quirks, good days, bad days, and everything in between. You can always go home from bae’s house, but it’s hard to escape someone you live with. I’ve taken the plunge, put myself out there, and fingers crossed found a roommate that I’ll be really happy with next year. So if my advice can alleviate stress for just one person, I’ll feel accomplished. Here’s some tips and tricks to roommate dating. 


Be honest with yourself. 

If you don’t get up early, don’t tell a potential roommate you’re a morning person. If you’re a neat freak, don’t settle for someone who doesn’t care if the room is a mess. The most important person in your life is you. Make sure your personal preferences are known and find someone who respects what you need. 


Join your school’s Facebook group for the Class of 2024. 

The Class of 2024 Facebook page for your school is one of the best resources you can possibly use. You’re able to meet other freshman, ask questions, and express concerns. It lifts a huge weight off your shoulders after you realize other people feel the same way as you. 


Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. 

Once you join the Facebook group, PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Write a post about yourself telling people what you like to do, where you live, your social media and your intended major. Post pictures of yourself. People will like your post, comment on it, and follow you. Once again, everyone is in the same boat. The facebook group is one of the best resources to meet incoming students. 


Keep your options open.

Talk to everyone that you potentially think you could room with. The only way to find your perfect match is to experiment. Go on “dates” with everyone that you might want to room with. The first person isn’t always the right person. 


Trust your gut.

For more about trusting your gut, read Emma’s article. When you find the right person to room with, you’ll know. Trust that the decision you make is right. Things have a funny way of falling into place. 


In my next life, I’m going to create a dating app but for roommates. Until then, here are some tips from my experience. Good luck seniors.