Take a walk down 42nd Street


Courtney Porto, staff writer

The North Hills Drama Club will be upholding their spring tradition by putting on a musical, 42nd Street, on April 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 @ 7:30pm. The students have been working on the musical consistently for about three months, rehearsing almost daily. Now it is time to put it in front of an audience.

Tickets for the show will be $5 for students and seniors, while adult tickets will be sold for $10. The Saturday matinee show is already sold out, and tickets for the other shows are going fast! Make sure to call the box office at (412)318-1440 to reserve your tickets if you plan to attend.

42nd Street is about a small-town girl who wants to be a part of the newest show on Broadway, directed by the “King of Broadway.” She is denied at first, but somehow she’s able to slip through a crack in the seemingly closed window of opportunity to become a “hoofer” in the show. She meets many different talented performers, nice and snotty alike. She must navigate her way through the world of show business as a “raw beginner.” The show is quite a Broadway fairytale.

There will be cookies and refreshments provided in the lobby of the auditorium. Flowers, balloons, and candy will also be available for purchase to send to a member of the cast or crew of the show. Programs will be provided upon entrance to the auditorium.

Upon speaking to the directors of the show, we found that they all unanimously agree, 42nd Street has the potential to be better than the past few shows put on by the North Hills Drama Club. An amazing amount of hard work and effort has gone into the show, and a quality performance will come out of it.