Artist’s Spotlight: Courtney Baumgartner


Kaci Smith and Kalli Knochel

Courtney Baumgartner is an exceptional artist at North Hills High School. We got the chance to sit down with her and ask her a few questions.



Q: What got you interested in art?


A: I’ve always been interested in art, and even when I was little, I would always draw.



Q: What artist inspires you the most?


A: Glenn Arthur. He does realistic, gorgeous pieces of actual people, and he is also a tattoo artist.



Q: Who inspires you the most and why?


A: My dad; he would always help me with everything, and he never went to college. So I feel like if I go and show him I can go for art, it will make him very happy.



Q: What are your plans after high school?


A: I’m going to major in graphic design and minor in something art-related, and I’m most likely going to Edinboro.



Q: What’s your favorite form of art?


A: Surrealism. It’s realistic, but something is off about it that helps it make sense.



Q: What’s your favorite art piece?


A: A force perspective piece I did of one of my classmates. It’s an image where something is closer than everything else in the picture.



Q: What has been your greatest artistic success?


A: Over all the years, I’ve mastered colored pencil and have also found my own style.



Q: What’s the most challenging part of being an artist?


A: Knowing that everyone has their own opinions about everything. Someone could love a piece of art that you do, and someone could hate it.



Q: Has your art won any awards?


A: I made a 3D sculpture of a fish for a contest at the North Hills Art Center and won second place.



Q: What’s the best part about being an artist?


A: The fact that you can put down what’s in your imagination on paper for others to see.

by Courtney Baumgartner
“The Whale” by Courtney Baumgartner
"Foreshoten" by Courtney Baumgartner
“Foreshoten” by Courtney Baumgartner