Lip-dub production to occur Thursday, March 27


Liliana Macioce, Entertainment Editor

The North Hills Senior High School will be filming a lip-dub during ninth period on March 27 as a response to a similar viral video produced by Pine Richland several weeks ago.

For anyone who doesn’t know what a lip-dub is, it is a music video where a person or multiple people lip-sync a song. The song chosen by the student body in an online poll for the lip-dub is “Wake Me Up” by Avicci. Senior NHTV magnate Nick Ross gave out some information about the planning of the lip-dub and his hopes for it. Ross said the lip-dub is about getting the school together and incorporating student section themes such as the Domino effect, the Powder Toss, Star Wars, and the Moses’ Parting of the Red Sea throughout the video. Two students have been chosen to represent each school club as the “singers.” Ross also stated that the video will highlight athletes and their accomplishments this year, as well as the spring musical.

Watch the morning announcements every day for updates about the lip-dub.