North Hills students shine at Cabaret Night

Sydney Brown, News Editor

On Friday, March 7, North Hills’ annual Cabaret Night was held in the Senior High cafeteria.

Various students from choral classes put together pieces to perform for family and friends.  The night provided an excellent opportunity for North Hills students to showcase their vocal talent and creativity, as well as fundraise for their upcoming trip to Disney World in Florida.

This year’s lineup also brought great variety.  Junior Noah Pepmeyer and sophomore Victoria Noker sang “Love is an Open Door” from the movie Frozen.  Sophomore Bevin Bass played guitar and sang All Time Low’s “Remembering Sunday.”  Mary Hursen and Daniella Alban sang Phillip Phillips’ “Gone, Gone, Gone,” accompanied by Andrew Hutmire’s beat boxing.

“I went to go see my friends perform.  The best part of the night was Izzy singing ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ or Tayler Kerekes and Audrey Domasky singing ‘Move On’ by the Jonas Brothers, while Noah Pepmeyer played guitar,” says junior Jake Heinauer, who attended the show to cheer on his friends.  These are just a few of the many outstanding performances of the evening.

It is refreshing to see how much musical talent North Hills holds.  We again have proven that we are a school that can pride ourselves on our art programs in addition to the academics and athletics that so often steal the limelight. A round of applause to all those who performed.

cabaret night 2