Ohio University orchestra students visit high school orchestra

Ohio University conductor Steven Huang

Ohio University conductor Steven Huang

Mariana Gowdy, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, March 4, the Ohio University Orchestra visited the North Hills High School Orchestra while on their spring break tour.

The Ohio University Orchestra, conducted by Steven Huang, played a piece for the high school students in the middle school auditorium, followed by a performance by the high school band.  Students from Ohio University filled in empty seats next to the high school players and sight-read their music.  Steven Huang conducted their piece and even played a little game during rehearsal.  The idea was to wink at someone while they played their instrument and the person receiving the wink would stop playing.  The goal in the end was to see who the last people to be playing were.

The following day, a discussion in the orchestra class was conducted to hear everyone’s opinions from the previous day.  Junior Caroline Snyder said, “When there was a cellist sitting next to me, it was cool to hear him say that I should shift into the higher positions, as well as giving other advice.”  Junior Chrissy Brown said, “When I was walking in, the auditorium door was open and I could hear them playing.  It sounded like music from some kind of Disney movie.”  Most of the students agree that they wish they could have played with the Ohio University Orchestra all day.