Letter from the Editor: Message to Seniors

The Student Section parts the Red Sea

The Student Section parts the Red Sea

David Haddad, Editor-in-Chief

I would love to begin by spouting clichés at you about “how fast time flies” and how “I can’t believe we are seniors #yolo #Kony2012.” However, I would be the 50th editor in as many years to let the public know that I, in fact, wish I could be a sophomore forever. As you read this, we are two months into our senior year. The time for looking back with regret and nostalgia has long gone. We are at the point where it is time to stop gaping in disbelief at the past and begin to march inexorably into the future. We have quite the road in front of us as far as graduation, applications, choosing a college, and trying to reinvent the wheel in terms of asking someone to prom. While those are important goals, I think the Class of 2014 is prime for a higher purpose.

Class of 2014, it is our duty and responsibility to leave this school in better condition than we found it. Our class has a lot going for us. We have, over the past four years, developed a strong sense of community, an above-average moral rapport, and an over-powering school spirit. If our senior year is the climax in the story of our high school year, then the resolution must be as such: We must leave the school in such a way that we are remembered with reverence for our accomplishments. We must make it so that the next time some disenfranchised alumni spits out the vile mainstay “This school is going downhill,” our successors can confidently tell them that they are wrong. We have our work cut out for us, however. The Class of ‘14 is the clean-up crew after a hurricane.

How can we do this, you may ask. I think it begins and ends as simply as being inclusive and courteous of all walks of life. I understand the need to exert dominance in gym class, but one of the best things a senior class can be is nurturing toward its school’s future. The Student Section is the greatest microcosm of our duties as a grade. We have built a community, we have encouraged school pride, and we have been inclusive of everyone, and the results have surpassed our wildest dreams. Seniors of 2014, it is our time to make a name for ourselves, build a community, and leave our dear alma mater in a better place than when we arrived.