Letter from the Editor:

The Most Influential People: North Hills Edition

David Haddad, Editor-in-Chief

Every year towards the end of December, TIME Magazine introduces its list of the 100 most influential people in the world from that year. So why not? Here are ten of the most influential people in the high school, for better or for worse.

Stan Marciniak, Senior

He is student representative to the School Board. Student Council President. National Honor Society President. Future United States President.

Drew Brown, Senior

It’s not just that he helps organize the Student Section,  and was made regularly visible through NHTV, football broadcasts, and this fine newspaper—when Drew has an idea, people will listen, and people will follow him. He’s a natural-born leader.

Gabe Stanton, Senior

Gabe is the Drum Major of the North Hills Marching Band. That’s like being the general of a tiny and super well-organized army.

Mrs. Gallagher, Lunch Lady

Mrs. Gallagher is so much more than a lunch lady. Tyler Gonabe covered the fact that she is the nicest woman alive in the last edition of “Cooking with Tyler,”  and that can’t be over-stated. If you don’t know her by name, you know her as the very animated red-headed lady that passes out cookies (she makes them better than anyone in WPIAL history) and asks you how your family is. She might be one of the most-loved figures in the school district.

Jess Porter, Senior

Jess won 2013 Homecoming Queen. I could stop there, but it is worth elaborating the fact that girls, I feel, are influenced by the individualism in her style (in any sense of the word), and people in general respect how down-to-Earth she is. Not to mention, she is the Second-in-Command on this very newspaper

Mr. Kane, English teacher

This guy is just in charge of everything. Semi-formal, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Homecoming court, the Powder-Puff game, class officers, and the Cedar Point trip. He has more extracurriculars than anyone on this list.

Mrs. Ziff, Child Development teacher

Few teachers are as well loved as Mrs. Ziff. She has been in charge of a number of organizations and projects around the school, mostly favoring philanthropic endeavors. If you see her around the school, you will probably see her with an entourage of students helping her with her numerous activities.

Mr. Skorupka, Substitute teacher

Skorupka has logged almost as many hours at North Hills in the last five years as some full-time teachers. Chances are he will sub at least five classes you have every single year, and you’ll love every second of it. He’s a legend.

Mike Joos and Nick Ross, Seniors

These two get a joint nomination because they perpetually work together. If you have watched literally any video produced by the school’s AV department, NHTV, you have most likely seen their work. They are everywhere—you just don’t know it.

North Hills Student Section, Ambiguous Collection of People

In case you missed it, the Student Section at this school has blown up this year. Arguably nothing has been more influential in the 2013-2014 school year. With the ability to get over 350 teenagers to plan their weekend nights around sporting events so they can yell and throw things and fall over, the fan section here holds incredible command.