A Feature on North Hills’ Landon Tumpa


Alec Feigel

It was a nice sunny day in June, but for Landon tumpa it was life threatening. While Riding his
motorcycle he hit a bump going up the Veterans Bridge and skid across the road. Trying to get up
and walk away from oncoming traffic he collapsed. After 24 days in the hospital, 4 surgeries, 14
screws, 1 plate, and 1 wire he was pronounced as a hero by his doctors.
Landon Tumpa, a senior, fractured both of his ankles, tore all of his ligaments in his left foot,
and tore two tendons going down his left ankle. Emotions were overlapping with such
suddenness, but when doctors told him his chances to play lacrosse again he was devastated.
Landon stated “ I was in disbelief; Shock” he knew the odds were stacked against him but he
wanted to lace up his cleats for his senior season.
On June 30th Landon was good to go home, hearing this news was super exciting for him
and his family. This was his first realization that he can still showcase all his years of hard work
in his final season. “Noticing my progress was the biggest motivation booster to keep going,”
Landon said, Also stating His mom was his confidence booster. “She reassured that everything
was going to be okay and was by his side everyday day and night.” His whole family being there
made him feel secure and safe and realize the importance of family.
The healing process allowed for a big jump but the mental aspect is something he’s still
trying to control. He went to physical therapy two hours a day, three days a week, and is still
involved in therapy. “My sessions consisted of building strength in my ankles and calves to
regain the ability to walk and run,” He said. Progressing faster than most, Landon was running
on the treadmill by October to his full ability. The hardest part for Landon is trying to overcome
his thoughts. “When Doctors tell me I can go full force my mind tells me otherwise” he said.
Landon was cleared by his doctors and took the field for the first time in January. In the eyes
of his doctors he was never supposed to be in that position or get that chance again. He stated “ it

was a Super weird feeling, but I was super grateful to be back.” This season Landon was a team
captain, and recorded 16 goals and 11 assists in 14 games. Landon was given the opportunity to
continue playing in college and plans to attend the university of Dubuque. Landon’s advice to all
is to never take any moment for granted, something you could never imagine can happen so fast.