Feature Story on North Hills Retiree Mrs Kilroy


Logan Greer

A great North Hills teacher of 24 years is going to sadly be retiring this summer. Mrs Kilroy, a ISS and Resource room teacher has been teaching at North Hills since 2000 and has impacted a lot of lives in her time at North Hills. 


    Mrs. Kilroy attended Dayton University majoring in business, where she received her undergraduate degree. She worked in a couple private companies for a couple years but only a couple years later after having her last daughter she decided she   wanted to become a teacher. She made the decision to go back to school, this time she attended Chatman University to get her degree in Education. When she came to North Hills in 2000, she was very eager to begin helping young high school students achieve their goals and aspirations so she decided to do resource room. As a resource room teacher she makes sure everyone is getting there work done and is on track for graduation 


    When asked about her favorite part of teaching at North Hills, she responded, “I love watching students that weren’t sure of what they wanted to do, come alive.” Mrs. Kilroy loves to watch people succeed and will do anything to make sure that  happens. Everyday she comes to work with a smile on her face and is always ready to help kids reach their goals of graduating high school. In life there are always obstacles, one of Mrs. Kilroy’s Obstacles in teaching is “ Not having the time to do some of the things I would like to have done.” Being a teacher takes a lot of time and sacrifices. She is busy 5 days a week at school helping students stay on track and Mrs. Kilroy is also in charge of Saturday Detention. 


    Every year Mrs Kilroy creates so many memories through the school year but when asked what is her favorite memory, she said “Graduation day, watching the students that I’ve helped achieve their goals and celebrate it on one day.” She loves watching kids celebrate with their family and friends, it is a very happy moment for her. That is what keeps her motivated to come to work everyday with a smile on her face and ready to help. If you’ve ever had a Saturday detention or had Mrs Kilroy for a resource room, you know she can be a little strict but she loves when students make her laugh. That is one of her favorite things about teaching, she loves interacting with her students and laughing. 


    After 24 years of teaching. Mrs Kilroy had decided to retire. She absolutely loves her job but is excited for a new chapter to begin in her life. Whatever that next chapter is Mrs Kilroy hopes it still involves young adults. When asked about her next chapter she said “I can’t wait for the next adventure and I hope it involves young adults.” I think whatever Mrs Kilroy’s next chapter is she will be great and inspire many more people.