Condado Tacos


Emily Koss, Staff Writer

Condado Tacos is a cute, aesthetically pleasing corner restaurant in Lawrenceville, PA. On the corner of the block you will see a unique front door and walk up the stairs. Greeted with great customer service, I walked to my table and was met with the amazing art around the restaurant. Along with being filled with a bunch of different culture paintings, it’s very Pittsburgh prideful. I started with a pink lemonade and looked at the menu. The menu is huge with so many tacos at very reasonable prices! I chose to start with an appetizer – the nacho chips with Mexican street corn dip. It was absolutely delicious, making my mouth drool for the tacos. When ordering came around I made my own tacos, getting one hard shell and one soft shell. Less than 5 minutes later our food was out and I was completely shocked at how fast it was. The tacos looked delicious and tasted even better, my friend got two of the signature tacos “tequila lime steak taco”. He said it was incredible and wanted more of them. The service of this place was remarkable, our waitress was wonderful and she even sparked up a conversation with us. When paying we were shocked at how low the bill was, especially because of how good the tacos were. The gourmet tacos were only around $5 to $6.50. Once we paid, we left to go on a walk through Lawrenceville afterward. The host of the restaurant even told us some nice places to go look around at. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone. I would love to come back to this place again to try one of the signature tacos. I would rate this place 10/10. If you’re looking for a nice Mexican sit down dinner, this is the place to go!