“The Show” Won’t be the Same


Caitlyn Vance, Entertainment Team

    As a longtime Niall Horan fan I have been waiting on new music for years. After months of teasing his new work, January 26th was the day Horan finally announced his new single “Heaven”. While the tune wouldn’t be gracing ears worldwide until February 17th, Niall posted a few clips of the song and fans (like myself) instantly fell in love. The week of the release, The Show is announced, Niall’s third studio album. Two days later “Heaven” hits the streaming platforms, peaking on worldwide charts and becoming Horans top streamed song, even beating out his 2017 hit “Slow Hands”. While I’m beyond excited about “Heaven” and The Show, the thing I am most looking forward to is the inevitable tour announcement. I have been waiting to see him for years and have money set aside specifically for the tour. Horans most recent album was probably one the worst timed releases of all time, March 13th 2020. Due to Covid-19, the “Nice To Meet Ya” tour was canceled as well as any promotion plans that Niall may have had along with it. The 2020 Heartbreak Weather album truly never got the recognition that it deserved and we can’t wait to see Niall receive the attention that he deserves with the new releases. The Show will be on all streaming platforms on June 9th but, in the meantime, give “Heaven” a listen, I promise that you won’t regret it.