North Hills students schedule for 2023-2024 school year


Lucien Ferris, Staff Writer

Scheduling for the 2023-2024 school year at North Hills High School started January 31st and ended on February 10th. Scheduling was all completed through the PowerSchool website.

Lots of requests for all kinds of classes were submitted from students. The counselors told students that there was no guarantee they would get their chosen classes. A lot of the classes were clustered into certain “pathways” that will show the school what a student may or may not be interested to study for their future.

A lot of students are looking forward to their classes. “I’m looking forward most to psychology,” said Ella Armstrong, a sophomore. There were a lot of fun classes to choose from. It was hard for some to be under an eight credit limit. There were a lot of fun electives to choose from along with all the required classes. “It was hard, but I definitely had to prioritize,” said Armstrong. Juniors were excited to schedule their classes one last time.

There were some students that were struggling to find classes. Whether they ran out of classes they liked or didn’t like any of them, there was always support for those students. “We make it a goal to make it to all of our students in the next coming month,” said Ms. Gruber, the Lf-Ri guidance counselors.

If any student has any trouble, they can talk with a teacher or counselor. It’s advised that everyone go see their assigned counselor if they need help with their schedule, including changing a class after the scheduling window has closed.