FBLA keeps the love going with the February Big Cookie Sale


Ellie Kim, Staff Writer

FBLA is having their Big Cookie sale on February 15-16 at the Cafe Coffee Shop to raise funds for the FBLA members attending the State Leadership Conference in Hershey. Cookies are for sale during all lunch periods. The flavors for this sale are Triple Chocolate Chunk, Red Velvet, Reese’s Cup, and Salted Caramel. Each cookie is $2.00 and they are only accepting cash.

The Big Cookie sale is FBLA’s biggest fundraiser of the year, selling more than 1,000 cookies. All of the cookie dough is bought from METZ food service, baked by our cafeteria staff, and then bagged and distributed by the FBLA members. Katie Miller, a senior and the president of FBLA, runs all of the meetings and events with the help of the co-sponsors, Mrs. Kanith and Mrs. DiNicola. Miller has been in FBLA for four years, stating that “every year the sale provides a lot of fun for the FBLA members and the students of North Hills!” Mrs. Kanith has been the sponsor of FBLA for 22 years, incorporating Mrs DiNicola as a co-sponsor four-five years ago. Both Kanith and DiNicola promote and plan the fundraisers every year, encouraging the students of North Hills to learn and apply business skills throughout their daily lives and in their future careers. Kanith states that she loves “teaching students teamwork and creating a buzz of excitement through the school.” DiNicola also loves “creating a good time and watching all of the FBLA members have fun.” 

All three of our “experts” recommend buying the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cookie to all newcomers! If you have missed your shot at love, don’t miss your shot at a cookie! Make sure to stop by during your lunch to spread the love and support FBLA on February 15-16!