Top 5 Underrated Things

Drew Brown, Sports Editor

#5. 24- This action-drama TV show aired for eight successful seasons and was nominated for 73 total Emmy Awards over it’s time. Kiefer Suthlerland’s performance of Jack Bauer throughout the thrilling TV series makes him one of the best all-time heroes in television history. Back in its prime, 24 was pretty popular, but since then, I haven’t heard it talked about nearly as much as it should be. The full series is on Netflix, so if you’re looking to get hooked onto a show that ISN’T Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead, this show is a great choice.

#4. Edward Norton- The fact that Ed Norton isn’t looked at as one of the best actors in recent memory is mind blowing. You hear about all the big-time actors in Hollywood, and for some reason Norton is never brought up on that list. While Fight Club and American History X are his two most well known films, Norton was phenomenal in other films such as Rounders, Primal Fear, The Italian Job, The Illusionist, and The Incredible Hulk.

#3. Little Caesars- Sure, the quality isn’t going to be that of Fioris, but there are very few things better than a $5 dollar large pizza. On top of that, the pizza is “Hot-N-Ready,” meaning it’s ready to roll the second you order it.

#2. Cris Collinsworth- If you’re one of the illogical yinzer Steeler fans who still thinks Collinsworth “hates the Steelers,” you couldn’t be any more wrong. Around Pittsburgh, the majority of the city for whatever reason dislikes the NBC football broadcaster. Contrary to popular belief, Collinsworth is a huge supporter of the Steelers, and is one of the best broadcasters in the NFL. He knows the game as well as anyone in the business, and needs to be given another shot in Pittsburgh.

#1. Mr. Franks- This 12th grade English teacher is the man. He likes to keep a low profile, and as he puts it, “Walk the Earth like Caine.” I had never spoke to Mr. Franks before my senior year started, but since meeting him the first day this year, he’s turned into one of my favorite teachers of all-time. Even though I took more quizzes in his class than my 9th, 10th, and 11th grade of English combined, it doesn’t take away from the fact he’s a great guy and a tremendous teacher.