The Truth About High School Relationships

Audrey Domasky, Staff Writer

A mature relationship involves caring about another person more than yourself.

— Audrey Domasky

Your relationship is doomed to fail. Well, actually, there is a 2 percent chance that your high school relationship could work out in the end, but I highly doubt it will. So, Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

Sound harsh? Good. It’s about time you learn the truth about high school relationships. From the first day we discover that we are attracted to the opposite sex, a whole new chapter of life, full of romance, begins. We begin to care about our physical appearance and try to trudge through our “awkward stages” a little bit faster. And we do all of this simply for the attention of the opposite gender, in hopes that that guy or girl we have a crush on will reciprocate those feelings we have for them. Unfortunately, these feelings will have little relevance to the rest of your life.

Stop wasting your time chasing after a relationship in high school. If you have to Google search “How to Make A High School Relationship Work,” it is probably not going to work. Here is why: a mature relationship involves caring more about another person more than yourself. In case you haven’t noticed, you are in high school. You are still trying to figure out who you really are: your interests, your personality, what makes you tick, fears, struggles, and the future. You do not have extra time to put effort into a relationship when you need to care about yourself before anyone else at this point in your life. So, if you are using Google to help fix your relationship you have no time for, it may actually be time to Google, “How to End it Gently.”

You may want to cover your ears because I am about to say the most terrifying word in the English dictionary: COLLEGE. You knew this was coming. In a few short months, you and your high school sweetheart will be parting ways. gives an exhaustive list of the reasons long distance relationships fail. Some examples are communication breakdown, murky futures, cheating, trust issues, cost of keeping in touch, different expectations, separation issues, and resistance to shifting due to circumstances. Truth is, your relationship will be ended by distance alone, and if not in the next few months, then in the next four years.

As high schoolers, we are young. We are looking for adventure, fun, and that special someone to help with that dream. Yet, the way to succeed is not through a relationship. Now of course, being in a relationship is fun! You always have someone to talk to, someone to support you, someone that shares your same values, and someone who wants to see you succeed in life. However, if that is not what your high school relationship looks like, it is time to reconsider your relationship and where it is headed. Get into a relationship when you are older and ready to take it seriously.