“What Do You Want to Do Tonight?”

Oh yes, the question that floods group chats weekend after weekend. The never ending thought of “What should we do tonight?” I don’t think it’s that we don’t know what we want to do, in reality teenagers aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities around them and refuse to think outside of the box. I can understand this decision is ultimately pretty easy toward the beginning of the year but when we transition out of football season it becomes increasingly difficult to figure how to spend your Friday nights. I don’t know about you but there are only so many hours a person can spend at Ross Park Mall. Of course this is much easier said than done in the colder months but there are still so many things you can do any time of the year. Over the summer I discovered the free teen membership that gets you into the 4 Carnegie museums for free and I am guilty of not using it once since I got it. Museums may not be your thing but it’s still a great opportunity to learn something and you may actually enjoy it. Not to mention a 10% discount in museum stores and cafes (20% store discount during Member Shopping Days), invitations to events and programming designed just for teen members, and discounts on classes, camps, educational films at the Rangos Giant Cinema, laser shows, lectures, and special events. Eating in your car? Kind of lonely. Eating out of someone else’s transportation? Pretty cool! Food trucks travel to various spots around the city and they serve almost better food than stationery restaurants. Check out the newest addition to downtown Pittsburgh: the Pittsburgh Food Truck Park. The park sits along the Allegheny River and offers a variety of food options from many different food trucks, including Chop Chop Salad, Zeke’s Coffee, Revival Chili, Hummus Pittsburgh and more. If you are feeling more on the artsy side check out Pittsburgh’s famous strip district. You can find anything from an Asian market, a Thai restaurant, an Indian spices market and the large Italian grocer that has the best pasta and produce. Check out all of the artisan shops and markets for some really cool hand-made art that you won’t find anywhere else. After hearing all of this I know you might be thinking “well I can’t drive and my parents will not take me to any of these places”, but there is so much fun to be had from the comfort of your own home. Invite your friends over for a board game night or cook something delicious. Although it’s much easier just to sit at home, the possibilities are endless if you just know where to look. So get out there and take advantage of the amazing opportunities all around you.