Adult Happy Meal Review


Samantha Smith, Staff Writer

One of my fondest memories of my childhood was going to McDonald’s every Monday with my dad and sister. Although I loved playing on the playground, I would have to say my favorite part of this whole experience was the Mighty Kids Meal I’d get. 6 chicken nuggets, fries, apples, a juice box, and A TOY! You can’t beat that! Eventually though, we grew up and the 6 piece chicken nugget meal wasn’t enough anymore. So, we graduated to the 10 piece nugget meal. “YES! MORE NUGGETS, you can’t beat that!” Sure, it was good to have more food for the growing kid I was, but where is my toy? Why can’t “grownups” have a toy? 


Well luckily for myself and all the “never wanna grow up” “nostalgia loving” people in this world, we have been heard! On October 3rd McDonald’s released their newest line of meals, the “Adult Happy Meal.” The collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market comes with either a Big Mac or a 10 piece nugget meal (YESSS MY 10 PIECE), fries and a drink are included as well. So naturally I had to try it.


On October 3rd at noon I went to the McKnight Road McDonald’s. Only one mission in mind, the adult happy meal. The presentation was delectable, a box, just like the OG box (slightly bigger) with bright bold colors. Inside the box was the 10 piece box, a medium fry, and a TOY! The toys in the adult meals are different from the regular Happy Meal toys. These toys are throwbacks to the classic toys McDonald’s first debuted with its Happy Meal. My 17 year old self didn’t understand the reference but i’ll let it slide because this is an adult meal and I am legally still a child. So unfortunately if you wanted a Cars toy, you still have to suffer with 6 nuggets. 


So Let’s talk about price. The Adult Happy Meal is $10.79, $2.40 MORE than the exact same meal with no toy. Which is fine, as long as the toy is actually $2.40 in value right? Well as someone who has the purple Grimace and loves him dearly, I do NOT think he is worth $2.40. The toy is hollow and is that cheap plastic that feels weird to touch. Now again, I was not alive 30,40 years ago when these toys first debuted. So I asked an expert, my mother. She immediately shot down my theory about how they chose this cheap material to be like it was in the 80s and 90s. She said “No they would never have a toy like that in a child’s happy meal.” So there goes my theory.


Overall, this was a nice experience to relive something that brought so much joy to me. However, I cannot get over the price and the value of the toy, so for that reason I see this as a failure. If you want to check it out for yourself you have until the end of October to get your hands on it.