What Seat is the Best Seat in the Car?

Megan Interthal, staff writer

     Lately, I’ve been seeing the debate about which is the best seat to sit in when in a car full of friends. Whether it’s the driver seat, front seat, middle back, or the back ends, people seem to have very different opinions on which is the best. I’m here to explain why the middle back seat is superior to the rest. Let’s assume you are in the car with four other friends in a 5 seat car and you have the option to choose where to sit. If you are not picking the middle back seat, you are completely missing out.

To be driving in the driver’s seat in a car full of your friends, is easily the worst possible outcome of a car ride. First of all, you actually have to be paying attention to the road and where you are going, meaning you miss out on all of the fun. You also most likely have to pay for gas because if you are driving, you are probably taking your own car which could also lead to a messy car which sucks. 

Next, the outer seats in the back row also suck. I honestly can’t think of any good reasons anyone would ever want to sit there besides the fact that you can have conversations with the other two people in the back row. All I can think about is how you are squished between the person in the middle seat and the door. Also if you want to go to sleep, you have two options, you can either fall asleep on the person next to you or you can fall asleep against the window which is painful. Anytime the car hits a bump, it’s game over for your sleep and your head. Nothing is more painful than hitting your head off the door in a car. 

Now the front seat is the second best seat to sit in when in a car with your friends. You have a lot of control when being in this seat. You are too hot? You have immediate access to the air conditioning. Music isn’t loud enough? Well guess what, the volume control is right next to you. You also never have to worry about the other people in the car since you are sitting alone. Now the downside of sitting in the passenger seat is that you have no connection to the back row. The three people in the back could be having a conversation and you would not be able to contribute because you are so far away from them. I don’t know about you but this makes me feel left out. 

Lastly, time for the best seat in the car, the middle seat in the back row. Some people say that this is the worst because you have to sit next to two other people but honestly that’s a reason why it’s the best. If you want to go to sleep and the person to your left won’t let you sleep on their shoulder, you always have the person to your right. Another argument against this seat is that there is no leg room. This is the only time I will ever condone manspreading because that creates more leg room. And if you are like me and have extreme F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) this is easily the best option for you. You can have a little bit of conversation from the driver/passenger seat and from the other two people in the back row. You will never have to fear missing out on a conversation again. And lastly, this is the best seat in the car to have aux. You can get song suggestions from the front and back of the car. These reasons are why the middle back seat is the most valid seat in a car full of people.