Self Care

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Jessica Colicchie and Morgan McClurg

Here are our top 10 self care ideas for feeling good:

  1. Take a nap or a bath/shower- Taking a shorter nap when you aren’t feeling your best, usually 10 to 20 minutes, will lead you to feeling way more energized than before. It also can reduce stress, and improve your memory! Warm showers or baths can improve your physical and mental health. Not only are you getting clean, but you are also creating a relaxing environment to decompress from everyday stressors. Baths or showers can lift your mood and improve depression as well.
  2. Watching your favorite show or movie- We all enjoy watching our favorite TV shows and movies. Watching movies actually helps release emotions like crying or laughing, making it more comfortable to express them. But, binge watching TV shows or movies can increase anxiety and disrupt your sleep. Be careful!
  3. Listen to your favorite songs- Jamming to your favorite songs can calm us down and reduce impulsivity. It releases the ‘feel good’ hormone dopamine, which will lift your mood. Allowing yourself to listen to music, and even dance along, can ease depression and anxiety by releasing certain chemicals in your brain. Dance it out!
  4. Play with a pet- Everyone calls it ‘pet therapy,’ and honestly it works. It can reduce stress hormones, and can raise levels of serotonin and dopamine. It can also ease depression and feelings of loneliness. Playing with a pet allows you to get outside and exercise as well! Go play with your furry friend (or whatever pet you have, we love all pets)!
  5. Meditate or Yoga- Meditating or practicing yoga can help ease negative emotions and thoughts, which overall improves your mental health. It can help your concentration, and awareness of yourself, along with lowering stress and anxiety levels. Yoga has an added bonus of improving strength and flexibility as well!
  6. Pampering Yourself/Spa Day- take the time to relax and treat yourself! Whether that’s going to an actual spa, or bringing the spa to you. Pampering yourself can take away the stress, anxiety, and worries in your life for at least the day! You deserve to treat yourself!
  7. Workout- Working out is such an easy way to reduce stress levels. It helps you feel accomplished, and feeling good. Physical activity can trigger a release of dopamine and serotonin, which can improve mood. Working out can boost your self-esteem, and cognitive function. You can go to the gym, go running, go ride your bike, or even have a dance break.
  8. Go for a walk- walk around your neighborhood to relax and calm yourself. You can go at any time of the day! In the morning to see the sunrise, during the day to soak in the sun, or at night to watch the sunset. You can listen to music, or take your dog on a walk. Nature itself can be so relaxing and is so pretty to walk through.
  9. Journal- journaling is such an easy way to express your emotions. If you’re having anxiety about talking about your emotions out loud, you can write them down! You can let it all out on paper, or even on your phone. Writing can clarify your thoughts and feelings. Also, it can help you better understand yourself.
  10. Read your favorite books- Reading improves memory, builds self-esteem, and reduces stress. It allows you to improve your skills. Reading can distract you from life’s worries. Enjoy your favorite story, poem, etc!