Sports Roundtable: It’s Super Bowl Week!


This week, we welcome our Spring 2022 Sports Team to the Roundtable discussion: Aidan Tumpa, Mike Blass, Alex Smith, Maddie Hummel, and Brady Trent. Here’s what they’re talking about.

Who will win the Super Bowl and why?

Aidan: The Rams are taking the W because Mike Williams is Pushin P. My prediction on the score will be 24-27.

Alex: Rams in a blowout–they are better.

Brady: The Rams will win the Super Bowl. This is because they are hosting the Super Bowl, and a team that plays in their home stadium has never lost the SuperBowl. Also even though the Cincinnati Bengals are playing insanely well and will be in the big game for many years to come, their offensive line, while doing better than anyone expected this year, the duo of Von Miller and Aaron Donald is unstoppable. The final score will be 38-24 LA.

Maddie: The Rams are going to win for multiple reasons. First, their defense is much better than the Bengals’. Not only is their defense better, but so is their O-Line.  They also have home field advantage. Joe Burr is mid, and the Bengals can’t pass protect . 24-21 Rams. 

Mike: I believe the Bengals will beat the Rams in this year’s Super Bowl. The overwhelming offense that the Bengals have this year has shown to outplay any defense they’ve come up against. The Bengals wide receiver core is one of the best in the country with Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd. Joe Burrow has been a clutch player throughout the whole season and playoffs, and he can produce yards when it counts. I see it being a tight game like the Chiefs-Bengals game, but Ja’Mar Chase’s devious griddy will obliterate the Rams 35-28.

Who will win Super Bowl MVP?

Aidan: Joe Burrow because he’s literally insane, it’s only his second season, and he’s already in the Super Bowl. 

Alex: Aaron Donald, AKA the greatest defensive player, ever.

Brady: This year’s Super Bowl MVP will be…Mathew Stafford. The MVP, more times than not, is the quarterback of the winning team. Also, he will win because of his raw talent– he has always had being the father of the no look pass, being traded from the Lions about a year ago changed the dynamic of the NFL as we know it, and the proof is that he is in the Super Bowl now.

Maddie: Matthew Stafford. QBs almost always get MVP of the game, and he’ll have a good amount of passing yards. 

Mike: Joe Burrow will win the Super Bowl MVP. His insanely accurate passes as well his ability to make split-second decisions are some of the best in the NFL. If he plays like he’s been playing in the playoffs, I don’t see anybody winning Super Bowl MVP besides Joe Shiesty.

Who will win the coin toss in the Super Bowl?

Aidan: Bengals.

Alex: Bengals.

Brady: The Bengals will win– 56 percent of the time, the home representative wins the coin toss.

Maddie: Bengals.

Mike: Rams.