The Future of NH Boy’s Varsity Soccer


Brandon McEwen, Sports

As a player who just finished his fourth year of varsity soccer, I can confidently say that the future for this program is exceedingly bright. Our record this past season was 2-14 with a conference record of 0-12. So, when I say the only direction is up, the program can quite literally only get better. We had two seniors this year. Let me say that again: we had not four, not three, but TWO seniors. As a 4A team (the highest class for soccer in Western Pennsylvania), we had to face Pine Richland, North Allegheny, Fox Chapel, and Seneca Valley (twice), just to name a few. All of the other teams in our section with the exception of Shaler graduated ten or more seniors. We just couldn’t compete, which is why we had to end up starting five to seven freshmen a game on the varsity soccer field. 

The future does look very bright, though. This year we got a new coach who really knows the game and sees the field from a goalie’s perspective, which really helps out a team. Along with this new coach, we gained fourteen freshmen, all who seem to actually like the game of soccer, since most of them also play all-year round. Next year, there will be about ten seniors, seven juniors, fourteen sophomores, and twelve freshmen. Although this number is minuscule compared to the teams we face every year, it’s great to see the number of players going up again.

I’d personally put our coaching staff up against anyone else’s, even against Seneca Valley’s, the back-to-back state champs. We have a collegiate goalkeeper as our head coach, a collegiate player as our junior varsity and assistant coach, a North Hills Alum as our goalkeeper coach, and a once-state championship coach (who has been around the game for practically more years than the head coach has been alive). With all of them returning for the upcoming season, I expect the minimum record to be .600. Playoffs are easily obtainable, especially with the off-season work that is going to become mandatory for the players.

The next two years are playoff years for sure, but the year after that is when North Hills will have a chance to make a deep run for a chance at states. Captain Nathan Adamietz is going to be the best player for the Indians. His ability to play every position is extremely important to the team, and much appreciated by the coach. I have zero doubts that he will be first team all-section. Next up is Captain Jack Carey. He made a significant jump from sophomore year to junior year on his impact on and off the field and I definitely see that continuing as he is the big center-back and back-bone of the defensive unit. To-be seniors Cooper Harrison and Diosdado Sergio should also make a huge impact next year. Cooper’s confidence on the field is noticeable to opponents and he stands at 6’4’’, which is pretty tall for a soccer player. These four to-be seniors are going to lead the team to a great record next year. 

To-be junior Daniel Dalton is also going to be a strong mid-field weapon. He has played varsity since freshman year and knows the center of the field as well as anyone else in the section. My prediction is that he is going to have the most assists on the team, as well as the most outside-of-the-eighteen goals. 

As for the freshmen, these guys are going to be really good, especially when they’re upperclassmen. They have been playing together since they were young and chemistry is very important on a soccer team. Knowing how your teammate plays and what they’re going to do is a huge advantage. Zach Fritz is going to be a quick, goal-scoring striker every year he plays. Alex Perotti at center-back and Owen Hill at outside-back is going to be a duo that no one will want to play. Alex’s willingness to go after the ball was already huge even when he was just a freshman. Jack Scarsella and Owen Molleauer are two guys who simply know the game immensely well. Hopefully these two will be running the middle of the field with Dalton next year, where the chemistry will be a huge improvement compared to this past season. 

For the first time since 2017, the varsity team will actually have a strong bench. Many upperclassmen will have to fight for a starting spot, and I’d say only five spots on the field are basically locked for the next season. Although all these predictions and this information is coming from a kid who just plays soccer in the fall and happens to be alright at the game, I believe I’m correct on a lot of my predictions. Best of luck boys. Golf over soccer any day.