Steelers Comeback


Carson Lejeune, Sports

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers making a comeback?

They started off the season pretty bad with a 1-3 record; their only win coming against the Bills in week 1. From weeks 2-4, the Steelers played terrible football. In week 2, they let the Raiders put up 26 on their heads, and then in week 3, everyone thought they had a chance to win it against the Bengals. They ended up losing to them by a score of 24-10 while getting embarrassed at home. The next week, they were looking for a bounce back win against the very good Packers team. The Steelers ended up losing the game 27-17. Ever since week 4, though, the Steelers have turned their record around from 1-3 to 4-3 with good wins against the Broncos, Seahawks, and Browns. Now the question is: will the Steelers keep this winning streak going and be able to make it to the playoffs? They have a pretty tough schedule the rest of the way, such as having to play against the Ravens twice, facing the Bengals again, and going up against the Titans as well as the Chiefs. I think it’ll all come down to where Ben Rothlisberger decides to throw the football.