Scary Hours 2 Review

Daniel Doherty

Friday was a pretty eventful day with music releases, notably with Drake’s new EP, Scary Hours 2, and a single from Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, “Leave the Door Open”.  Drake’s EP, which included 3 songs, about 12 minutes total, comes after his 2020 mixtape Dark Lane Demo Tapes and is a sequel to his 2018 album Scary Hours. The first song of the extended play, “What’s Next”, is very fitting for this release. It features an impressive, fairly gritty, lyrical performance from Drizzy and a simple, yet captivating trap production, which ties the song together nicely. Overall, the song also does a good job of showcasing Drake’s rapping ability. The second track, “Wants and Needs” features production that would be considered trap. It is ultimately more enjoyable and detailed than the previous song. Drake’s rapping, which introduces the listener to the song, is impressive and catchy, with an addictive hook that serves the beat well. Lil Baby’s feature in the song clearly shows off his lyrical talent and creates a balance between his performance and Drake’s performance. “Lemon Pepper Freestyle”, the project’s final track, is ultimately the EP’s best in many aspects. The production of this song is the most impressive of the album. It samples a live performance from an indie pop song which makes the beat feel light, almost airy. Rick Ross, who has famously collaborated with Drake quite a few times, introduces the listener to the track with a short, but ultimately worthwhile, feature before the man himself takes the mic. The last four and a half minutes of the track are pure lyrical talent with a perfect flow. I can’t think of many criticisms of this extended play’s contents. That is not to say it is perfect though. As it is an EP, with three tracks, and no remixes, there is some small room for improvement. If in some way, this release is an indication of what is to come, I think it is something to look forward to.