Comeback to Reality

Alec Apodaca

As of right now, winter sports are ending and spring sports are beginning. Seniors are thinking about prom as the school year comes to an end. Welcome to 2021. Despite it being the end of the school year, it seems as if it is just starting. Our school district is now back four days a week for in-person instruction…that is if you chose that option. We conducted a poll via the @nharrowhead Instagram account and saw that 69% of people who answered are back four days. Seeing as the majority of students are currently in person, you can only expect more students to return by the end of the year. About 89% answered they are coming back before the end of the year. Slowly but surely, it seems as though we are coming back to life as it should be…knock on wood. This school year has been pretty chaotic for students, teachers, parents, really everyone. We are all doing our best to try to make a comeback. In fact, the school district is already planning on having the annual THON, which benefits the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and Make-a-Wish foundation. It is a great cause and I believe that it will be a great way to start rolling into a more normal summer. All we can do for now is enjoy what we can get out of the rest of this crazy school year! Who knows, maybe this will be the new “walking 10 miles uphill in the snow to get to school” for our kids!