NFL Playoff Predictions



Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?

Jake: I believe the Super Bowl champions will be the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams will top off their phenomenal seasons with a ring and take another Lombardi trophy back to the city of Green Bay.

Drew: I believe the chiefs will win the super bowl. Their offense is superior , I do not see anyone stopping them at all.

Josh: Personally I believe the Washington football team will win the super bowl. They always say a team with a good defense always has the best chance.

Tyler: I believe the Steelers will win the super bowl only because of the veteran experience at positions of need in the playoffs.

Nick: Due to their dominant offense, I don’t see anyone beating the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes now has experience and is an all around all star.


Who will win the AFC?

Jake: As a Steelers fan it pains me to say it, but I believe the Buffalo Bills will shock the world and defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship. With star QB Josh Allen and a strong consistent defense, I believe this is the year the Bills make a run.

Drew: I believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will win the AFC, although this may seem like a homer pick, the dominant defense and experience of the Big Ben is too much to pass up on.

Josh: The Chiefs will win the AFC. It will be close with the Steelers due to their stellar defense but the injuries they’ve suffered has slowed them down greatly.

Tyler: My pick has to be my champion pick of the Steelers. I think they rested the right guys at the right time with players like the best pass rusher in the league in TJ Watt. They can change peoples minds about being slept on.

Nick: I believe that Pat Mahomes will carry the Chiefs to win the AFC.


Who will win the NFC?

Jake: I believe the Green Bay Packers will win the NFC. With the leadership and experience leading the way, MVP favorite Aaron Rodgers can single handedly push his team over the hump and get them to the Super Bowl.

Drew: I truly believe the Buccaneers will find a way to win. Tom Brady will show out one last time.

Josh: Similar to my super bowl prediction, the Washington football team will take them to the super bowl and end up winning it. Chase Young will have his first experience in the playoffs and show out.

Tyler: I think it’s clear the Green Bay Packers are the best team in the NFC. Although, they could run into some trouble with stopping the run game like they have on the past.

Nick: The Green Bay Packers are so dominant right now, it would be hard to say they won’t win the NFC.


Who is the biggest Super Bowl Dark horse?

Jake: My Dark horse is the Tennessee Titans, a strong running game is always extremely effective down the playoff stretch, and with the best back in the league in Derrick Henry, the Titans are known for keeping opposing offenses off the field and controlling the game.

Drew: I completely agree with Jake on this one, Tennessee all the way.

Josh: Sadly, my dark horse is the Cleveland browns. They have picked it up recently and are gaining a lot of momentum and confidence. Their defense and strong running game definitely makes them a dark horse.

Tyler: My Dark horse is the Seahawks, especially if Russell Wilson can play like he did in the first three to four weeks of the season, which was MVP type football.

Nick: I agree with Tyler, I believe the Seahawks are the biggest Dark Horse.