New Year’s Resolutions

Grace Scheller, Editor-in-Chief

Provided below is a list of 21 easy and manageable New Year’s resolutions along with some encouragement to successfully carry them out. Good luck and Happy New Year!


  1. Drink less soda
  2. Cook one new thing each week
  3. Opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator 
  5. Take five minutes in the morning to reflect 
  6. Stop swearing 
  7. Compliment yourself more
  8.  Read some more 
  9. Learn a new word every day
  10. Sanitize your phone weekly
  11. Call more instead of text 
  12. Journal 
  13. Keep your email inbox clean
  14. Switch plastic bags for reusable bags
  15. Give yourself a reasonable bedtime
  16. Make a positive contribution once a day 
  17. Limit time on social media 
  18. Donate old clothes
  19. Volunteer 
  20. Floss
  21. Use a planner/calendar 


Creating new habits isn’t always easy. It’s hard to stay motivated especially within today’s climate. The best piece of advice that can be offered in this situation is to remember that you only have to work hard for about a month. It takes about 21 days to form a habit, so after those 21 days are up, that resolution becomes second nature. From then on your resolution is embedded into your routine. Set aside some time to invest in a good habit, it will be worth it. Happy New Year!