Will Trump accept defeat in this election?

Meena Lane, Opinions Editor

It’s known in the last four years of Donald Trump’s presidency that he does not do things the “traditional” way. President Donald Trump has recently said that he refuses to accept the results of this election. Trump treats this as if it’s a children’s game between him and his opponent, Joe Biden. President Donald Trump is determined to claim that the polls showing him losing to Joe Biden are “fake”. He cannot seem to accept the thought of defeat. Meanwhile, he continues to worry and fear voter fraud, though is extremely rare. Even his supporters are backing him on this. Supporters of President Donald Trump seem to also believe that his loss is so far-fetched and not possible. The only way he could possibly lose, in their eyes, is voter fraud.

    No other United States presidential candidate in history has ever refused to accept the results of an election for their own satisfaction. President Donald Trump is the first to reject the outcome. Presidential power has always needed to be peaceful and civil in order to pass it down the line. Trump continues to show doubt in this year’s process, claiming the electoral fraud or that the results will be rigged. Over and over again, President Donald Trump questions the legitimacy of this election. “Can a sitting president of the United States refuse to concede? Can he refuse to leave office? And what happens if he discredits our elections, the foundation of our democracy, in the process?”