Presidential Debate 10/25/20

Nick Friday

On Thursday, October 25, President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden faced off for the final time, and a lot went down. President Trump did a much better job throughout this debate, and the polls seemed to reflect this. Biden, on the other hand, did well, but his numbers did not seem to grow in the polls. Throughout, Biden preached he is for the people. He also claims he knows what it’s like to be in a middle-class family. Trump followed up stating that Biden does not know what it’s like because he can’t possibly remember due to the miniscule amount of time Biden resided in Pennsylvania. Other controversial issues such as fracking were brought up. States such as Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, and others, are heavily impacted by Biden’s stance. In the debate, Trump continued to call Biden out on this issue and the people noticed. Both candidates did well in this debate, and they may have both gained some support after it. Results will be demonstrated on November 3, Election Day, and the American people will get to voice their opinions.