Arrowhead Scares: Part 4


Sarah Love


October is over soon! Just like the rest of 2020, this month has been interesting to say the least. In the first week, I covered some local legends in Pittsburgh, PA. I wanted to cover a few more since we have quite a few stories that I had missed. Next week is the last week of these articles and will be a special one!


Blue Mist Road

Blue Mist Road is actually in North Hills. If you’d like to visit, the official name is Irwin Road! It’s said that a blue mist appears once the sun goes down every night. There are a lot of reasons and stories as to why the mist will appear. One says that in the cemetery along the road, there are two headstones leaning towards each other. Beneath them are lovers that never got to kiss, so they’re bending their headstones toward each other to get their kiss.  Some say that if they kissed, civilization as we know it would end. Another states that a part dog, part human creature stalks the road. One states that a father killed his family and put their bodies in a septic tank on the road.

Kecksburg UFO

This UFO was seen across six states and in Canada. Astronomers said it was a meteor, NASA said it was a Soviet satellite. In December of 1965, a large fireball was seen over a few states and Canada. Hot debris landed in Michigan, Pittsburgh, and northern Ohio, causing fires and sonic booms. In Kecksburg, PA, some saw something crash in the woods. State troopers and the Air Force searched the woods where it supposedly crashed but found nothing in the area. Thousands of people saw the unidentified object soar across the sky, but the remains were never found.


Ghost Bomber

The Ghost Bomber is similar to the Green Man. This actually happened and isn’t based around ghost stories or aliens. This happened during the cold war, in 1956. An airplane was low on fuel but got no landing confirmation in Pittsburgh, so Maj. Dotson landed with the plane upside down into the Monongahela. All six members of the crew survived, though two of them drowned in the freezing water before they could make it to shore. Their bodies were only found months later. That isn’t the mystery, however. The 15-foot high B-25 bomber plane went completely missing in a river that’s only 20 feet deep. Even today, the bomber remains unfound. Some believe the plane was pulled out after it crashed to keep a government secret safe, some believe the pollution in the river simply destroyed the exterior.


Congelier House

Congelier is in Pittsburgh as well. This one is just a little more graphic than the others. This house was known as “The House the Devil Built” in Northside. Legend says that a man named Charles Congelier made a fortune after the civil war and came to Pittsburgh to build his mansion in the 1860s. He had an affair with the maid until the wife discovered them. She killed the two. Days later, a friend found her in the rocking chair humming lullabies to the severed head of the maid. Nobody would move in until 1892 when a railroad company used it for apartments for the workers. The workers refused to stay after hearing strange noises and seeing odd activity. In 1900, Dr. Brunrichter moved in after he arrived in America. He never left his home and never socialized. The following year, neighbors heard a woman screaming and saw a flash of light in the home. When the police arrived, they found the body of a woman missing her head. The Dr. was never seen again. The police found a lab in the home with the severed heads of five other women. Notes explained that he had been experimenting to keep heads alive after decapitation. In the 1920s, Thomas Eddison apparently visited the house with a medium to work on communications with the spirit world through a device he was inventing. Later on, a gas company purchased the home to convert into apartments once more. These workers moved out as well after hearing voices and finding workers dead in the basement. In 1927, the workers were back in the neighborhood to repair a leak. It exploded, sending debris and human remains everywhere. The smoke was visible for miles. The house was 2 blocks from the explosion, but it was demolished, leaving only a crater. A family lived there when the explosion happened, and a woman was killed by the debris. However, there are no records of the home being a mansion, the original story of the murders, or the story of Dr. Brunrichter.

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