Presidential Debate 9/29/20


Nick Friday


On September 29, 2020, President Trump faced off against former Vice President, and current presidential candidate Joe Biden. Taking place in Cleveland, Ohio at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, the anticipation building up to this debate is unparalleled. These candidates got ninety minutes to display their views and demonstrate to the American people why they should get their vote. President Trump was looking strong in the polls beforehand, but presidential candidate Joe Biden, may be able to alter the minds of some voters. Both candidates got to make their case. It was difficult to recognize a clear winner, but here are some facts.


Supreme Court:

President Trump starts off by stating the Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is highly educated and since he is president he has the right to decide. He then proceeds to state that you are elected for 4 years not 3 years. Considering when you are sworn into office for a 4 year term, President Trump does have the right to make a decision. Biden believes that this could sway the Supreme Court, and that the next elected president should get to decide.


Health Care: 

President Trump wants to get rid of Obama care to give people a better opportunity. He believes that his plan will benefit the people more and will have less flaws than Obama Care. 

Former Vice President Biden says Trump has no health care plan and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, proceeding to call him a “clown”. Both sides were trading insults throughout the debate, but at times it was hard to comprehend due to the candidates talking over each other. 



During the coronavirus outbreak, Trump closed the country at the right time and did a phenomenal job at delivering gloves, masks, and gowns. Also, President Trump says we are weeks away from a vaccine. President Trump also believes we need to have our economy open now and need to be back in school, work, and business. Former Vice President Biden, wants the economy to stay closed to protect the people, and his plan is to wait and then slowly open schools and businesses back up. The people of the United States don’t want to be stuck inside anymore. We can open back up and use proper safety precautions and try to return to some sense of normalcy. 



President Trump says since opening back up, 4.1 million people began working again, and if we were still closed it would be detrimental to people. The economy needs to be back up and running, small businesses are dying and millions of people across the country are out of work because we are isolated. Biden wants to stay closed, and also mentioned he wants to increase corporate taxes from 21% to 28%.


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