The Leaves Are Changing


Emily Peck

It’s the time of year when leaves change from green to oranges, reds, and browns.

This autumn season takes the country by storm with its ups and downs.

As the days become shorter and colder, 

and the colors become beautiful and bolder, 

it’s not the time to be laid-back, 

with school starting back. 

But don’t quit,

your friends will help you through it.

And when the wind blows and the leaves dance,

It only takes one glance,

To know that fall, 

Is the best season of them all.

When it’s time to decorate for the autumn holidays, 

In both traditional and modern ways,

head over to the pumpkin patch,

for a pumpkin none can match.

When the bonfires are ablaze, 

And you’re lost in a corn maze,

Remember the crunch of the few fallen leaves beneath your feet,

and the pumpkin pie that you will eat, 

because before you know it,

bit by bit,

The jack-o’-lanterns begin to smile,

And the delicate leaves begin to pile,

And this beautiful season is gone too soon.