BFFs: Kali and Tiffany

BFFs: Kali and Tiffany

Emily Peck

How many years have you been BFFs?

Kali: Around 2 years.

Tiffany: 2 years.

How did you first meet?

Kali: We met about 2 years ago during band class.

Tiffany: We met in 7th grade band.

Did you click instantly, or did your connection grow over time?

Kali: We got closer over time.

Tiffany: We became closer over time.

What do you like most about each other?

Kali: I can be myself around her, and she’s a very cool-headed person.

Tiffany: She’s fun to be around, and I don’t get bored around her.

Typical Hangout:

Kali: I would have to say marching band.

Tiffany: We see each other the most at marching band.

Things you share:

Kali: We both play the flute.

Tiffany: We are both in the flute section in marching band.

Weird Habits:

Kali: She always brings foreign candy to football games.

Tiffany: When we are walking, she will sneak up on me and jump on me.

What are some things you both hate?

Kali: We both hate high notes on the flute and biology homework.

Tiffany: We both hate having our pictures taken when we don’t know they are being taken.