Sports Roundtable 9/11/20


Sports Roundtable 

JD’s Question: “The Miami Heat has been performing very well lately. So you think they will win it all this year?”

Jake: “Due to lack of playoff experience, they will not go all the way. #Lakeshow”.

Drew: “I’m gonna have to disagree with Jake here. Nobody in the east will oppose Herro and Jimmy Butler. But I do not think they will win in the finals, they’ll lose to the Lakers.”

Tyler: “Yes, because I think the LeBron’s time as the best player in the NBA is over.”

Nick: “Yes, because Tyler Herro is going to come to play.”

Chris: “No, I don’t think they will because LeBron has the motivation to bring up his teammates and help them push because he’s been there more and knows what it takes to win.”

Drew’s Question: “Do you think Fernando Tatis Jr. is going to be the new Face of the MLB? If not, why?”

Jake: “Although I believe Tatis Jr. is going to be a phenomenal player in the future. I do not think he will ever be the official “face” of the league, in my opinion. I believe Mike Trout will be the face for as long as he is in the league. Also, Tatis plays in a small market city. If he would end up signing with a team like the Yankees or Red Sox he may find more popularity.”

Tyler: “I do think he will be in the future, but as of now, I don’t believe that he is the face of the MLB with all the stars there currently are.”

Nick: “He is a future star, but he will not be the face.”

Josh: Tatis will not be the face of the MLB. I believe he will stay with the small market teams such as the padres the rest of his career preventing him to become the face of the MLB.”

Jake’s Question: “Who will have more success after the split of Brady and Belichick? Brady and the Bucs, or Belichick and the Pats?”

Drew: “Brady will definitely have more success. He has so many weapons in Tampa Bay- he has Gronk, Evans, Chris Godwin, and Fournette.”

Nick: “Brady for sure, he stated he is ‘the most comfortable he has felt’ with his new team.”

Josh: “Belichick will have more success after the split. Belichick is known for adapting to his players and their play style. Cam Newton will be the new Lamar Jackson this year due to Belichick’s coaching. Tom Brady’s division is too difficult.”

Tyler: “I believe Brady will have the best success after the split because he has weapons and a coaching staff that are willing to change to his ways so that they can attempt to win a Super Bowl.”

Tyler’s Question: “Who do we think is gonna be the biggest Fantasy Football bust this season and why?”

Chris: “Carson Wentz because he gets injured too much.”

Drew: “I’m going to have to say Tyreek Hill. Mahomes is going to target his other weapons while Hill is double teamed.”

Nick: “Le’veon Bell. He will not be successful because he’s going to get injured.”

Jake: “Lamar Jackson is definitely my pick. Although I believe he will have a good season, it is nearly impossible to top what he did last season, and with as much as he relies on his legs, his chance of injury skyrockets. “

Josh: “I believe George Kittle will be the biggest fantasy bust. Jimmy G will not have a good season leading to Kittle’s decline. Other tight ends with impressive quarterbacks such as Mark Andrews and Travis Kelce will easily outshine him.”

Nick’s Question: “Who wins more games: Giants or Jets?”

Tyler: “I think the Giants will win more games because I think Daniel Jones is gonna have a breakout year and Saquon will do Saquon like things.”

Drew:  “I believe the Giants will win more games…the Jets just don’t have many options. And they both suck.”

Josh: “The Giants will have more wins. Daniel Jones and Saquan will compete every game of the year. They won’t win many games but more games than the Jets for sure.”

Jake: “Even though both teams are going to be way under .500, the Giants will have more overall success due to offensive talent.’