Virtual Drama Club Showcase


Grace Scheller, Editor-in-Chief

    So everyone knows things still haven’t gone back to normal, but what’s really important is how we manage to carry on in the most normal way possible, how we continue doing the things we love; our extracurriculars, our sports, our clubs. And this year the North Hills Drama Club is doing just that. As their schedule gets shifted around to fit the circumstances accordingly, the annual Spring Showcase will not only be moved to September, but it will also be virtual for the second year in the row. 

    This showcase, just like last year’s, will include a collection of videos of students from our drama club performing either a song from a musical, a dance routine, or a scene from a musical, movie, television show, etc. Last year’s showcase (which will be included below. Go watch!) had many different acts such as performances from Mean Girls, Once on this Island, La La Land, and others. 

    “What’s really great is that you can go back and watch any performance anytime you want to, “ says senior Tyler Dumas. The show will be put together on YouTube by the Drama Club directors Ms. Sarazen and Mr. Cloonan. These performances are truly a great way to see our Drama Club in action singing, dancing, and acting right from our devices. The Showcase will be posted this September, don’t forget to watch! 


Spring Showcase: