Marching Into a New Season


Chiara Ocasio, Public Relations Editor

Marching into a New Season

By: Chiara Ocasio

A new school year brings lots of new beginnings. One of those being a new drum major for the marching band. Senior, Madi Zarone, has been playing the flute since the fourth grade. She now gets to hold the honorary title of drum major. Luckily, I got to sit down with her and ask her a couple of questions before the band’s first appearance at any event this year. 

Q:“What were the thoughts running through your head whenever you got the news that you will be the next drum major?

A:“Everything just stopped once I heard the ‘M’ syllable being announced; I froze for a second. My first instinct was to hug my best friend, Tab. I knew I was about to do one of the hardest things I would ever do, but I was so excited and so ready.” 

Q: “How does your role change from just being a member of the band to being drum major?”

A:“Well you’re not playing an instrument, that’s the most noticeable difference. Mr. Lavelle likes to say that I was so bad at the flute that he gave me a baton instead, haha. The biggest thing is that you have so much more responsibility. You are accountable for every kid there and have to be super conscious of every little thing going on. Typically, an upperclassmen is responsible for a squad of  4 people and for their section, but as drum major, you take responsibility for EVERYONE.” 

Q: “Do you feel lots of pressure being drum major?”

A:“Yes, because all eyes are on you at all times but you just need to learn how to handle it. It gets easier as you become more comfortable with your role and the people around you. It’s hard, no doubt, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” 

Q: ”How do you feel games are gonna go without a full band?”

A:“Things are definitely going to be really different without having all of the kids there but we’re just going to play our music as normal and give our best effort and cheer the team on. We’re very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to play at all.” 

Q:“How is Covid affecting the band? 

A:“We haven’t gotten to spend nearly as much time together as most other seasons. We have had a lot less rehearsal time than we  usually would have, we didn’t get to go up to band camp this year, which was hard but we knew was best in the long run, and we can’t physically march our shows. It’s also hard not being able to hug your friends after a long night of rehearsals, but we found other ways to connect”