Some Safe Ways to See Friends this Summer

Grace Scheller

Seeing friends this summer will no doubt be harder than ever, but just because you can’t be within 6 feet of them doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time with them the way you would if the circumstances were different. Here are some great ways to enjoy spending time with your friends while staying safe:

  1. Bonfires: Gathering a small group to chill out by a fire is a great way to connect with them in person and still feel the summer vibes. Tell your group to bring their own lawn chairs but make sure to provide some easy snacks for the night. Set up a table outside with whatever food you and your friends will like. A s’mores station is a classic, perfect for any bonfire. Ordering pizza is always a great idea if you guys are craving a little more than s’mores. And don’t forget the buff-chick dip. It’s a must if you plan on bringing out a table for food.
  2. Watch a Movie: Okay so although going inside may not be an option, you can always watch one outside, right in your backyard. Use a projector and set it up against a wall of your house. Grab blankets and lay them out in the grass for everyone to enjoy the movie. Projectors can be purchased on Amazon and include a wide range of prices.
  3. Have a Photoshoot: A great option for anyone who wants to find some new hobbies during this time is to grab your friends and try your hand at photography! Pick a day and meet them at whatever spot you plan on taking photos. The beauty of photo shoots is that you don’t have to plan the perfect sunny day. It’s raining outside? Take some photos in the rain! Experiment with whatever surroundings or weather you have been given. Play with colors, lighting, backgrounds, or filters. You would be surprised with the interesting photos you create!
  4. Go Biking: Although it can get pretty hot in the summer, try to find a day on the cooler side, and bring your bikes to any trail you can find. Even if you don’t have a trail available, a couple laps around your neighborhood can be just as fun. North Park, Moraine State Park, and Hartwood Acres have some really great trails that include trails ranging in difficulty. Don’t forget those helmets though, some of these trails can be tricky to maneuver.
  5. Go Tanning: Coordinate whoever’s backyard provides the most sun, pick a day with blue skies, and enjoy some rays! Bring your towel and lay it out close to your friends but still within a safe range. Be sure to apply sunscreen with the right amount of protection. Sometimes just enjoying your friends’ company while relaxing in the sun is one of the best ways to spend time with them.