Top 5 Conspiracy Theories

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Maria Chutko, Entertainment

Have you ever heard the saying that people may have never landed on the moon? Or that the wrong person was accused of assassinating John F. Kennedy? Or that there are aliens who are watching us from up in space? Well, those are called conspiracy theories. A conspiracy theory is a theory that rejects the standard explanation of an event. Out in the world today, there are a whole bunch of conspiracy theories. As you are reading this however, I am here to share with you information on five of the more “popular” conspiracy theories which include the following: Landing on the Moon, Area 51 and Aliens, JFK Assassination, 9-11, and Coronavirus.


First up are conspiracy theories about humans landing on the moon. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped foot on the moon and made it back to Earth safely in the Pacific Ocean. However, years later, there were theories that the landing on the moon never actually happened. There was word that going into space and landing on the moon was a hoax that was set up by the United States in order to win certain awards. Deniers got their sense of rejection from looking at the picture of the American Flag on the moon and claiming things like how the flag did not look right or how there were not stars in the picture, making the photo not look real in their opinions. However, when looking at the number of people who contributed to this historical event along with other factors, the odds lean towards the fact that landing on the moon, also known as Apollo 11, did actually happen. But do we know for sure if men really did land on the moon on July 20, 1969?


Next up are conspiracy theories about Area 51 and whether aliens are real. Area 51 is known to be an Air Force Base where government scientists use resources from damaged alien aircrafts in order to expand their technology on Earth. There are theories that the government is hiding this alien technology along with other things at Area 51. Also, 30 years ago, scientists knew of only one planet, which was Earth. Now, more than 3,000 planets are known to scientists along with an insane amount of stars. Many believe that this drastic increase in information about the solar system is a result of people thinking that aliens could be real, and researchers wanted to learn more about their habitat. Additionally, it has been said that there are other planets besides Earth that possess the qualities necessary for life. It has also been said that many asteroids that have been spotted may have been “flying saucers” or alien UFO’s. Photographers have taken pictures of vehicles in the sky that many think look like alien spacecraft or other alien utilities. However, all information is up in the air, but you never know. Could aliens really be out there?


The next conspiracy theory is about John F. Kennedy’s assassination. On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy, our 35th President of the United States, was assassinated by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald. It is said that about 62 percent of Americans believe that Oswald was one of the many people involved in the assassination of JFK. There are also theories believing that there was a second gunman ready to fire at Kennedy on November 22. Others believe that there was also someone known as the “Umbrella Man”, a man who was mysteriously holding a black umbrella on the day of Kennedy’s assassination. The funny thing though is that it was completely sunny on November 22, 1963. Many believe that this man shot a poison dart into JFK’s neck, stunning him long enough for Oswald to fire his gun. Many believe that the government had something to do with this assassination, but who knows?


The fourth conspiracy theory topic is 9/11. Many of us know of the September 11th terrorist attack in 2001. There have been a crazy amount of conspiracy theories about different topics regarding 9/11. One of the theories is that there were insiders that knew about the attack before it happened or that defenders were told to “stand down”. Also, another conspiracy theory is that the planes that crashed into the twin towers in New York City did not actually make the towers come down. It is thought that bombs that went off in the buildings were what made the twin towers collapse. Additionally, it has been said that Flight 93 did not actually happen the way people think it did. Most of us believe that passengers on Flight 93 fought the hijackers and the plane then crashed. However, conspiracy theories say that Flight 93 landed safely, and that the whole story was staged. One more theory is that cell phone calls that were made from people to their loved ones were not real. Is all this talk believable?


The last conspiracy topic is the most relevant one to today, which is the Coronavirus. One of the biggest conspiracy theories about the Coronavirus is that 5G is the reason why the Coronavirus is spreading. Theorists say that it can transmit the virus or that it “weakens the immune system”. Also, another theory about the Coronavirus is that the virus was made in a lab by scientists and is being used intentionally. We are all aware that the virus started with bats in China, but many believe that the virus was started by the United States Military, as the military was in Wuhan which is where the Coronavirus first started. As we are all stuck in quarantine, it is not surprising that so many people are thinking of conspiracy theories as it is hard to believe what we are experiencing right now. Was the Coronavirus planned to happen, or are people just going a little bit insane??


While reading all of these conspiracy theories, it is hard to believe that these kinds of reasonings could possibly come into one’s mind. However, some of them can really get people thinking of our past and even what is happening around us today. One minute the world can think one thing, then one little sentence of a rumor can cause everyone to need to stop and think again. What will you believe?