The Secret to Perfect Ramen Noodles


Brandon McEwen, Sports

Out of all of the quick snacks/meals in this world, Ramen Noodles will always be one of my favorites. It doesn’t matter if it’s beef or chicken, both taste delicious. The thing is, it’s all about the preparation of the food that makes a huge difference. My way of making it may not be the best way of making it, but it sure does get the job done. I am going to go through how I make my ramen step by step. 

First off, I go down to my food pantry in the garage, grab my ramen and bring it upstairs. It’s always a surprise if I get beef or chicken, but they both taste great either way. I then proceed to get my microwavable bowl. I take my ramen, crack it in half so the noodles aren’t too long, and I put it in the bowl. Next, I put it under the faucet and add water until it reaches the top of the ramen. Too much or not enough water can be a game changer. Then, I shake it a little…  not sure why but I think it helps, and then I put it in the microwave. 3 minutes and 30 seconds is the perfect time. No other time is correct. If you put it in for less than 3 minutes, you will see that the noodles are still hard and will not be able to mix it well with the flavoring. If you put it in for sometime around 5 minutes, you will see that it will still work, but no one wants to wait 5 minutes just for some ramen noodles. After it comes out of the microwave, I give it a couple shakes and stir it around. Then, I add the flavoring packet, not all of it though, because in my opinion, they give too much of it and it just tastes like there’s a pile of sodium in my mouth. Next, I stir it around again, making sure that the flavoring hit every noodle in the bowl. Finally, I grab a nice, big cup of water to help with the intense sodium that comes from ramen, and I eat. Overall, it’s a pretty solid snack. Ramen’s perfect for those times during Quarantine when dinner is at 7pm and now it’s 1am and going to bed hungry is just not an option.