Is All Water Different?


Samantha Smith, News and Website Team

There are two types of people, those who think that all water tastes the same and those that think it doesn’t. Personally, I think all water is different. Here are my top picks for the best water waiting for you.

  1. Raspberry Hint Water: Hint is the best water company in my opinion. They put the absolute perfect amount of flavoring in water. It is a great alternative to sugary soda. The packaging is also very cute. 
  2. Nestle Pure Life: Now if you are a basic person and just want simple water, Nestle is for you. Nestle has a pure clean taste, and not to mention the packaging is also very appealing to the eye.
  3. Vitamin Water: I will admit, I used to turn my nose up at Vitamin Water. But when I didn’t have a choice and I had to drink it I ended up liking it. All of the flavors are pretty good. My favorite is the zero sugar açaí blueberry one.
  4. Boxed Water: Yes, their marketing and packaging has gotten to me. Now I know what you are all thinking: “It is just normal water in a box.” Sure you may be right but for me, it is about the aesthetic of it. I feel better drinking water from a box. Also, it is better for the environment so that’s a plus.