Decision Day


Kaylee Kleinsmith, Entertainment

Decision Day is May 1st, right around the corner! During these times it can definitely be hard to think about college and other responsibilities, but sadly there is a deadline. I am here to give you a few tips on how to decide which college is best for you when you have multiple acceptance letters!!


What’s the Size?

First things first, do you like big schools? Medium schools? Or small schools? This will help you narrow your choices and help you decide where you feel like you would fit and how comfortable you are. REMEMBER this experience is about you, nobody else. Do what’s best for you. 



Location has a huge effect on decisions. Whether you want to be in your backyard at PITT or somewhere far away in California is truly up to you.  Many people want to start a life somewhere new and fresh. Kudos to them. On the other hand, some people just want to be in the area with their family. There’s nothing wrong with that!  Personally, I needed to get away, without getting away. Knowing my family won’t drive an hour and a half to bug me, but will drive an hour and a half for an emergency made IUP a great choice for me.


Commute or to Not Commute?

Maybe you have a car, leading you to commute easily. Would you like to live at home but drive to school for a couple of hours every day? Would you want to have a roommate? How are the dorms? These are all things you need to think about before deciding which school is best for you. If you want your schooling over with, commuting could be great. If you want a “college experience” where you meet people and get involved, dorming or living in a house on or near the campus would be excellent for you!



The idea of college is so fun, fresh, and exciting. It’s a new chapter in our lives….. But then we see the tuition, the room and board, and the books! College is expensive, no doubt about it, but scholarships make it not so terrible. If you can get any type of scholarship, take advantage of it. You will thank yourself later. If you listen to any of my advice, make it this one. Spend less on college for the same degree you can get anywhere else. 



Are you going somewhere that will give you the opportunities you need to become successful? If you are majoring in nursing, maybe it would be best to go to a nursing school or PITT. Both have great programs that can set you up for a lifelong career. IUP is known for their excellent criminology program. Point Park University is known for their theatre arts program. Every school has “their” thing. Go to a school that specializes in your major!


Going to college is a big step into the real world. We are all nervous and nobody is alone in these times! Hopefully these tips to think about will lead you in the right direction for the next 4+ years!