TikTok Will Make You Buy These

TikTok Will Make You Buy These

Emma Craft, Website Editor

Like most of you reading, I waste about 85% of my day browsing through the gift of TikTok. If you’re like me and don’t have any self-control when it comes to online shopping, it’s your lucky day. Without a doubt, when scrolling through hundreds of videos, you’ll see some reviews of products that people have been buying online while stuck in quarantine because… well what else are you supposed to be doing right now? Here is a list of things that I see nonstop on the app that I have a) already purchased or b) will 100% buy eventually. 


*Most products can be found on Amazon


The Ordinary Peeling Solution

This is definitely one of the more popular products that I see people raving about on TikTok so, of course, I bought it. This is an AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution, and for all of you non doctors out there, that basically means its a salicylic acid miracle worker. For only $7.20, you will more than likely see beautiful results in a matter of a few weeks or months. For me at least, I have a lot of acne scars and blackheads, and by using this product once or twice a week for no more than 10 minutes, my skin is left feeling silky smooth and alive again. I highly recommend this. Oh, and if you do try it out and get a burning sensation on your skin, don’t worry, but if it hurts too bad, just rinse it off. 


LED Strip Lights


Another very popular item that you will see in the background of many TikToker’s videos. String these lights along the edges of your walls, behind your bed frame, around a mirror, ugh, the possibilities are endless. You’ll also receive a little remote to change the colors of the lights to whatever mood you’re feeling that day. Now, I don’t have these myself, but I do have many friends that have these in their room and, man, they’re so cool. They can be a bit pricey depending on which ones you get but… seems worth it to me. These are also great for all of you seniors moving into a dorm room next year!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Now, technically Nina Topich made me buy these, but I see them all over my feed constantly. Listen, I know you can just turn the blue light off of your phone at night time but shhhh, don’t ruin the fun. If you buy these off of Amazon for about $15, it won’t include your prescription if you already wear glasses, like myself, but honestly, I mainly use them at night when my phone is basically touching my eyeball anyways, so for me at least, I don’t really need the prescription. For the price though, I really recommend everyone cop a pair of these, you won’t regret it. $15, I mean, cmon people. 

elf Lip Exfoliator

I’m not going to lie to you, I really didn’t expect this one to work as well as it did. The convenience of this is just… a no brainer. It is a lip scrub… in a lipstick tube. Mind blown. I get super dry lips in the spring and summer, and this has seriously been a life saver for me. For $4, you can’t beat it, just trust me on that. 


Resistance Bands

I never really see anyone recommend these on their TikToks, but I always see workout videos with these, so of course, I had to buy them. For $17, I got a pack of 5 resistance bands, all with different strengths to use for so many different workouts. I’ve used them a couple times during workouts and boy do they make your workout that much more intense. But in all seriousness, if you’re trying to become a workout junkie like myself, these made me feel like a fitness trainer in no time. 

Syrinx Leggings

So, I haven’t purchased these myself yet, but I’m seriously tempted. For about $50 on Amazon, you can get 7 pairs of these leggings in basically whatever color you want. I keep hearing that they are a dupe for Lululemon leggings and, don’t get me wrong. I love my single pair of Lulu leggings, but my bank account definitely doesn’t. These are so much more doable for a 17 year old girl working slightly over minimum wage… yeah. I’m getting them. 

Alright, there are so many more things that I could put in this list, but these are the few that I see most often. Might have to make a part 2… actually, for sure making a part 2. Until then, enjoy wasting your quarantine money my loves. <3