Things To Do Under Quarantine

Things To Do Under Quarantine

Kaylee Kleinsmith, Entertainment

As I take this Journey under quarantine, I have found myself to be bored out of my mind. What am I supposed to do other than eat all the snacks in my house??? After doing a bit of research (4 minutes of it to be exact), I found a couple things that can be useful AND fun under these strong Stay-At-Home Orders. 


Clean Your Room

I have one of the most unorganized rooms there is. Makeup is flying around everywhere, pillows on the ground, clothes being thrown in the top of my closet. It’s disastrous. Luckily, this time has allowed me to clean all of that up and honestly, it’s refreshing. If you put the blinds up and welcome the sun in, it truly feels like spring. I found that listening to some of your favorite music also helps make the job fun. 


Go for a Walk

When I say “ go for a walk”, I do NOT mean go to the park and play on the swings. A nice stroll around your neighborhood can open your mind and release stress. Stay 6 ft apart from other neighbors that are trying to get out of there house as well. Most importantly, wash your hands when you’re done! 


Game Night

Dig up those old game boards from your basement and host a family game night. Have someone make a charcuterie board with all your favorite snacks and dig in! This is a perfect way to connect with family instead of hiding in your room for the next month. 


Karaoke Night

It’s the weekend, you can’t go out with your friends..what do you do?!? Have a karaoke night. Pull up the lyrics to your favorite songs on Youtube and compete against family members. This is a way to laugh and make fun of eachother for singing in out of pitch voices while being in a Pandemic. 



Are you tired of the news being on 24/7?? Watch Some Netflix! Tiger King has been a hit show recently and came out at a perfect time. Joe Exotic will make you laugh out loud until you can’t stop. Don’t knock it till you try it… trust me.



I find it very relaxing to eat something you spent time making. If you can get into the kitchen without making a mess, whip up a new dinner recipe and cook it for you and your family. I found that making Peanut Butter Cookies has been my calling during quarantine. Find a dessert you’ve never had and try it out!

Most of all…. Be safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands.