Orchestra Night: a district wide orchestral event


Jacob Rodney, News and Website team

On March 10th, all of the orchestras, from elementary to high school, performed in their annual Orchestra Night performance. This concert is held every year in the middle of March to showcase the talents that every orchestra in the district has. 


Mr. Vransevic, the orchestra director, explains the night best with these two reasons: “One, to promote the program and have another opportunity for all of the students to perform and two, for the students and parents to see the musical growth that the students will make over time with hopes to improve retention and participation.” 

Usually, the high school performs classic rock pieces, such as “Oh, Pretty Women” by Roy Orbison and “The Best of Queen” by Queen, and the audience loves it. “I think it’s really fun because the high school orchestra has more well known pieces at this [performance],” says Beth Satariano, a sophmore cello in the chamber orchestra. “So the audience can appreciate it even more because they know the songs.” The audience did love the songs, especially the ending song, “Orpheus in the Underworld”, that all of the orchestras play together. 


But how do the performers feel about the concert? Jamie Neely, a sophmore violin two, says, “I feel that orchestra night gives a good representation of all of the different orchestras, from elementary school up to high school. It’s really fun because we always play a good selection of music.” Jacob Rodney, another orchestra member, believes that the night is “always a good time” and the performers “do their absolute best” because the audience is so big. 


With only two and a half months to learn and perfect the music, the high school orchestra did fantastic. With all of the orchestras finishing with their yearly song “Orpheus in the Underworld”, the audience went wild and they finished with a standing ovation.