Let The Madness Begin


Zak Klaczak, Sports Team


With the month of March quickly approaching, one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year is right around the corner, March Madness. The NCAA Basketball Tournament every year becomes the most talked about topic in the sports world. From crazy upsets to all-star performances, March Madness is poised to be chaotic in 2020. There has been no clear separation between the top tier teams so far this season, with there being changes in the number 1 spot in the rankings 6 times in the first 13 weeks of the season. Pre-season favorites, like Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina, have been lackluster, while unexpected teams, like Baylor, San Diego State, and Florida State, have been performing at a high level. 

A few teams have a great chance of being upset in this year’s tournament. Michigan State this year has been performing at a lower than usual level for a program of its caliber. Cassius Winston is carrying the team in terms of scoring. If he can be neutralized by the Spartans’ opponent in the tournament, they will be upset. Although I stated Florida State is having a surprisingly good season, there is a chance of them being upset. Consistently, the Seminoles have played to the level of their competition, instead of crushing less talented teams. This has the chance to come back to bite them in the NCAA tournament. There is one team that sticks out as having a good chance of pulling a big upset. Stephen F. Austin has been performing very well in the Southland Conference. In their non-conference schedule, the Lumberjacks upset Duke on the road and completely shook up the landscape of college basketball. Any team can pull an upset, but Stephen F. Austin has a great chance of doing it. 

It is hard to guess what is going to happen during March Madness. The chances of correctly guessing what will happen is close to impossible. One thing is for certain, March Madness will be chaotic and exciting to watch.