North Hills Holiday Card


Olivia Chuvala, Staff Writer

All North Hills students have the opportunity to create a piece of artwork that will be featured on this year’s district holiday card. All artwork is to be turned into your teacher by November 15, 2019. The winning students name and grade will be put inside the card, and will receive a $50 cash gift card for the reward. There can be one entry per artist and the art can be drawings, digital art, or photography. All the artwork has to be original and non-denominational and have a 5:7 or 7:5 ratio. Artists should create artwork that is colorful and festive to go with the holiday season.

I talked to Kaelyn Hart and Alexa Jesz,  two students who decided to take part in the Holiday Art Card Contest, and asked why they decided to participate in this event. Kaelyn said, “I decided to take part because I thought it would be a fun thing to do and I want to win the giftcard.” Alexa said, “I wanted to participate to try to win the gift card and I like art and thought it would be cool to do the Holiday Art Contest.” 

The art work they are creating is very festive and creative. Alexa said, “I am working on a drawing that is Christmas themed and I think it will be a great option for the holiday card” and Katelyn said “I have started a piece of digital art on my laptop and it is holiday themed for the holidays and I am very excited to submit it because I think it is a very original idea!” Both are very enthusiastic and excited to submit their work, and can’t wait to see who the winner is!