NHSD Indoor Track and Field

Tommy McDonough, Staff Writer

The North Hills School District is slowing working on getting an indoor track and field team. There are about 40 students that are interested in joining the indoor track team. Which is quite interesting seeing as how there are just as many members on the outdoor track team. However, there are a few foreseen obstacles. The creation of an indoor track team would set a higher standard for those also participating in outdoor track.

Another obstacle for the team may be funding: “Any program that is through the school is funded by the school. Therefore we have to have a budget funded for the team, but we do not have space for it.” Mr. Weber believes that this was the main reason that the indoor track team might not be a possibility. I think that this is most likely the biggest obstacle that we are facing. 

I also asked Ms. McBride and she believes that “it is a great idea, but it might have to wait until the future.” Many believe that we should  have a team, but that it won’t be possible until next year. It would be highly improbable with the amount of time we have. The only way for it to be possible would be a massive amount of work and fundraising from the members of the team to fund themselves.

Another problem that may be faced is the coaching staff. When asked “who would be on the coaching staff?”, Mr. Timko stated, “The head coaches will be Mr. Sundo and I, then if Mr. Curran could help out, he would too.” They are the coaches for outdoor track and field and they have been on the coaching staff together for a long time now. They would be the ones who would get to take us on the meets and coach us up.” Though the possibility of an indoor track team is low, many have hope that it will still happen.