North Hills Marching Band to hold 44th annual Stadium Review

photo submitted by flagline coach Mrs. Wieniewski

photo submitted by flagline coach Mrs. Wieniewski

Zelayna Curry, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November 6th at 7:00 p.m., the North Hills Marching Band will perform at their 44th annual Stadium Review.

The performance will showcase the bands’ repertoire from the season with songs from their John Williams themed march show and the crowd favorite Woodstock show, which features songs from the popular and well-known Woodstock festival. It is one of the last big performances of the 2019-2020 “All In” marching band’s season. The band has worked hard these last couple of months to put an exclamation point on their fall season. 

When asked about why people should come to stadium review, alumni Austin Kendall, who was a part of the 2018-2019 “Reaching Beyond” senior class, answered, “Mainly for the people who only really see one show a season. The band usually has about three to four shows, and usually only the marching band parents or football fanatics get to see them all since people don’t want to sit in the blistering heat or freezing cold.” The stadium review allows people who may not get to see the marching band’s pregame and halftime shows a chance to hear what they have been working on in a much more comfortable setting compared to being outside.

“I really like how it wraps up the season as well as showcases how much we can do as a ‘concert band’ on the field,” says sophomore Ryan Malavite. Most people would say that stadium review is really how the band closes out their year. With no more big performances until the spring, the marching band uses the stadium review as their way to really show their hard work and dedication that they’ve put into the music and the shows since the summer.

After being asked what makes stadium review so different from the marching bands’ other performances during the fall, senior Sydney Riddle replied, “I usually don’t get to play on the stage with my friends that are in other bands, so Stadium Review is a chance for us to create music together on a stage rather than a football field. Also, it’s just the band and the people that support us, and there is no extra noise or distractions like there is at a football game.”

With all the hard work and time spent to put on great shows week after week, there are high expectations to what this year’s stadium review holds. If you haven’t had a chance to see the marching band perform this season or just would like to hear them without sitting in the cold, then the stadium review is definitely the place to be on November 6th.

image submitted by Shelby Perigo