Hilltop Heroes establishes new club


New Tabletop Heroes club members congregate for a photo.

Theoni Richter, Staff Writer

Tabletop on the Hilltop is a division of the Hilltop Heroes. This Dungeons and Dragons club is open to members of the Hilltop Heroes and is sponsored by Dr. Barkovich. The club is a trial run as of now. They wish to make it a separate club after the holidays. Dr. Barkovich plans on sponsoring it when it is it’s own club. Ethan Borsh is the mastermind behind the newest club.

Borsh says, “Dungeons and Dragons was a large portion of my life. We had ran a small group and we began to hang out more and more.” He also explains the purpose of the club:  “I think that DnD brings outcasts together and makes them feel a part of something.” 

Tabletop meets every Thursday from 2-4 p.m. in the library. Club members are grouped into “adventuring parties” and have their own library classroom and Dungeon Master. The four masters currently are Ethan Borsh, Daniel Martinelli, Andrew Penley, and Stephen Snyder. These four guys came to Dr. Barkovich with the idea of a Dungeons and Dragons club. 

“It’s a creative outlet. I like the roleplaying and character development needed,” club member Matthew McDonnell stated.