Red Ribbon Week encourages healthy choices


SADD Club President Savannah Argenas and club member Julianna Uccairdo display this year’s Red Ribbon Week T-Shirts

Video created by Ben Swayze

Zak Klaczk, Sports


This week SADD Club urged students to not use drugs, now or throughout their lives.

Savannah Argenas, SADD Club President, said, “It is very important to spread the word. Many people don’t realize the effects of what drugs and alcohol have on young lives”. SADD Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions) sold t-shirts with the saying “One life…One Chance…” on the front and “Drugs End All Dreams” on the back. SADD Club encouraged all students who bought shirts to wear them at the end of the week to show unity in the fight against drugs and alcohol. Also, signs were hung all over the hallways showing statistics of what destruction is caused by drugs and alcohol. Emma Craft, SADD Club Fundraising Coordinator, said on the impact of Red Ribbon Week, “It has a greater impact than the typical drug awareness program because this is your peers standing up to drugs and giving you information, rather than an adult.” Ross Township Police attended all school lunches on Wednesday and Thursday with drunk goggles and pictures showing what illegal drugs, such as meth and cocaine, do to people. 

Another part of Red Ribbon Week is members of SADD going to the 6th grade elementary classes. “We will go to the 6th grade classrooms to discuss peer pressure at some point, we just couldn’t do it this week,” said Mrs. Medic, SADD Club Advisor. Mrs. Medic also said it would most likely take place during the winter. Julianna Ucciardo, who is a member of SADD, discussed the student’s take on Red Ribbon Week, “Some people are a little ignorant and ignore the problem, but this week just puts the idea of how bad drugs are in the back of your mind.” 

Nationwide, people are observing Red Ribbon Week, a week to promote drug awareness.

SADD Club not only sponsors Red Ribbon Week, but they also sponsor the annual mock crash that takes place before Senior Prom.